Chicago – and more importantly, WHIRLYBALL

I love how every city sparkles this time of year.  Christmas lights are everywhere and I am loving it.  photo

Spent last weekend in Chicago for the dude’s 30th (!!!!) birthday and ate my weight in deep dish pizza (ugh.) and played the best game ever invented.


I’m hyping it up big but I doubt you can not love this game (?).  You ride around in bumper car with a crank to steer, trying to shoot a whiffle ball – using lacrosse heads, into basketball backboard goals.  What the what?  Here.

photo-2 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3

I did end up with some wicked bruises (boy bumper car bump > girl bumper car bump) but it was so worth it.  I will start this in DC.

(here are the specifics of the game if you’re  interested in that sort of thing  via wikipedia)


Hey Remember Me?

I’m baaaaack! Greetings from the west coast. Things that have happened since I last posted are: I moved to the Bay Area. Got an apartment in Oakland. Had a lot of emotional break downs. Started my new job. Sipped wine in Napa. And I finally got around to uploading some photos…(don’t worry, I don’t have a picture of my emotional break down)

IMG_1156Sutro Bath ruins.

IMG_1163A rare sunny day.

IMG_1173Ice cream in a crepe cone with Nutella?! The Japanese really do have it all figured out…

IMG_1181Front row at the Opera. Perks of the job.

IMG_1183Brunch at 900 Grayson.

IMG_1197I’m in love with palm trees.

IMG_1210The beautiful Bay Bridge.

IMG_1216As much as I miss DC I am thrilled to be in a city with a stunning skyline.

IMG_1224Taking in the Painted Ladies on my lunch break.

IMG_1243Okonomiyaki for breakfast at the Ferry Building.

IMG_1246Frolicking with dctypewriter in Napa!

IMG_1247My fellow East Coast transplants.

IMG_1250One of my FIRST students from China in 2005. Here we are striking the classic Asian pose.

IMG_1261A company holiday that put all others to SHAME.

Now that I am no longer homeless and am settling into some routines out here I promise to not be such a stranger to this blog. Its good to be back!



Giving Thanks!

Went to the Jersey shore last weekend to volunteer post Sandy.  I was seriously shocked to see how bad it still was – three weeks out.  It was heartbreaking .  Too many homes still didn’t have power and there were so many families that lost everything.  It was incredible though, to see the strength and support of the community as everyone came together to help out and rebuild.

The iconic shore without its boardwalk

There are lots of ways to still help out if you can’t volunteer and here are just a few!

-Donate directly to the different to the towns like the town of Belmar here or the American Red Cross

-Directly purchase items for those in need using their registry via amazon here

Happy Thanksgiving!

long hiatus!  But not too much of a post other than what I have eaten today.  Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving and west coast girls – let me see your turkey pics!!

don’t worry, I had pie too.  But I was too full to get off the couch to get my phone to take a picture of it.  You know…

Oh Sandy!

Man friend and I were really behind the ball and hit up the grocery last night – at midnight.  

Not much left but we did find…  

So we stocked up!  Have you tried cannoli yet?  It’s my new favorite.  I spent the day taking full advantage of my sandycation by doing some serious online shopping and have discovered:

1.  Uniqlo now has an online store

2.  Zara HOME 

How did I miss these two launches?  Especially Uniqlo…

Anyways, hope everyone is staying safe during Sandy on the east coast!!!

Pizza Party!

I’m going to try my hardest to make dctype and gingervitis jealous!  But I forsee things going the other way….SF is amazing!  And can’t wait to see what you two get in to!

So this is my first try – pizza anyone?  This weekend was especially gorgeous in DC and the dude and I ventured out to catch some fall foliage (of course I left all my belongings in the car so I am without photos)  But on the way home, we stopped by Pupatella – which has been a long-standing favorite of ours.  They started out as a wee little food truck, expanded into a tiny restaurant and has now grown into a full-blown restaurant!  They have a solid menu with a great littering of seasonal specials.

the Dude always gets their deep fried calzone – takes 30mins once ordered and is HUGE and filled to the brim with ooey-gooey cheese.  Pupatella also has the montanara (fried Neapolitan pizza) which we’ve never tried.  We love Pupatella for their  pizza, their story and their people (they always wear those hip little fedora’s!)  So far, I think Pupatella is my favorite!

or so I hear?

you may have noticed dctypewriter has been silent around these parts for a few weeks. well, I am going to go ahead and tell you that its because she has been getting settled in her new home- in SAN FRANCISCO! and in 12 hours i will be joining her on the west coast for good! i recently accepted a job in SF and through a series of very awesome events we will both be discovering this new city together.

it has been a crazy month prepping for the move and i am so excited to finally get there. growing up around DC, this place has some amazing memories for me and it will always be home. but its time for an adventure! it will be rough at first, but let’s hope the good out weighs the bad in the end.

J will still be holding it down on the east coast and making me crazy homesick. 🙂



I wish

I actually gasped when I first stumbled on these amazing Mara Hoffman bridal dresses.  You know we love Mara Hoffman here at Boundary Line.

[I’ve tried on the All Seeing gown and it is amazing.  Seriously.]

Forget wedding dress.  I wanted to wear the dress

photos and dresses found on Bona Drag  [and be sure to check out their other incredible ceremonial collection collaborators]

Thumbs Up!

These made me laugh out loud!

brilliant!  all images  and so many more via ditology


The Pizza Hunt continues…

Best pizza in DC – deux.  Man friend and I tried out Menomale last night in Brookland.  They serve up some mean neapolitan style pizza (which is a favorite of ours) and have been getting a bit of press lately so we decided to make the trek out there.  

Margherita and Lobster pie.  We really liked Menomale!  The beer selection is awesome, the sauce was the right sweet and the crust was the perfect salty and chewiness for me.  MF complained that his pie wasn’t charred enough, but that’s not how I like my pizza.  So we were a little split on the place, thus the “really liked” status.

Definitely worth checking out but a bit too far for us to become regulars, I think.  But for the record, on pizza alone, I liked Menomale more than 2Amy’s!  [what?!] It just wasn’t that much better making it my go-to for pizza pies!