Doug Aitken: Song 1

Last week my man and I took a stroll down to the Hirshhorn to check out Doug Aitken’s  “Song 1.” From sunset to midnight you can view the video that wraps around the building. Its truly mesmerizing. And you will have “I Only Have Eyes for You” stuck in your head for days. I’m sure most people have heard about it, but I would just like to verify that yes, it is as cool as it sounds.


3 responses to “Doug Aitken: Song 1

  1. i have to do this immediately! and do we know when the work on the mall will be done?

  2. i have no idea when it will be done, but its a bummer because i could of had some cool shots with the monument in the background. unfortunately there were heaps of dirt everywhere.

  3. Finally went and I loved it. You’re so right – it was completely mesmerizing.

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