Had a boo-boo date with one of our favorite couples at Thai X-ing.  There isn’t too much to say about it that hasn’t been said all over the interwebs.  Go and bring a nice sweet, cold and crisp bottle of white to cut the spiciness of the thai!

But for you practicals : Four years ago, this used to a good friends local a la carte takeout joint.  It has changed!  The reservation system is a little cray –  we were sitting right next to the answering machine so I heard people calling in most of the night speaking slowly and enunciating perfectly in hopes of getting a call back.  It is delicious, filling, eccentric and a full dining experience.  I loved sitting downstairs (even though it is tight) to see and smell the kitchen but the whole house has been turned into a dining area if you prefer a bit more space.  6 courses, 10 plates, $30 ($40 on a weekend).  It was a great dinner and we all spent a good portion of the meal mesmerized by the happenings in the kitchen.  Sorry, no food food photos (I’m still getting used to this)…..and don’t forget to take the leftovers!


2 responses to “X-ing

  1. ahhhh so jealous!! Did he make you the fish with spicy green sauce? i wept and chugged almost the whole bottle of red wine it was so spicy.

    • Yes! The whole fish was one of my favorites and that sauce – Amazing! Yes, I definitely left the meal a little bit more than tipsy because I ended up chugging more of my wine than I probably should have…

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