The Mission District

Continuing a recap of my pit stop in San Francisco last week. I spent a lot of time in the Mission District—a gritty yet explosively artistic area of the city. I love the Mission District because it’s the sunniest part of the city and since it’s got Latin flair the scent of spicy and flavorful El Salvadoran, Cuban and Mexican food settles all over you like a fog the second you step off the BART.  The blocks are lined with life-changing (yea, I went there with life-changing) taquerías. (For $3.50 I got a super taco filled with juicy, grilled beef chunks, fresh avocado slices, onions, cheese and salsa that makes you want to samba.)  The Mission District also houses well-curated boutiques and quirky vintage shops—I’ve got a worn out credit card to prove it. I love the San Francisco emphasis on supporting local artists—it makes all your purchases so distinctive and unique.

1. A vintage lamp found in a thrift store on Valencia St. 2. A snapshot of Aldea boutique 3. On the way to Dolores Park 3. $800 (whattt!?) room spray from a boutique in Castro 4. Jonathan Alder matchstick holders 5. $3 Super taco! 6. Bearded papa cream puff 8. Lovely Ikat Dolce Vita shorts from the Bell Jar that I did not purchase because paying $170 for shorts is against my religion unless they come with Victoria Secret model legs.


2 responses to “The Mission District

  1. i loooooooove bearded papa cream puffs. i totally forgot about those until just now. DAMN.

  2. I WANT THAT TACO NOW!!! have you ever been to super taco in adams morgan? looks similar and also dirt cheap. maybe it will hold you over til next time?

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