The Line

October 2010, Ajka, Veszprém county, Hungary:

“around a million cubic meters of toxic waste were released after the burst of the retaining wall in one of the reservoirs used for the accumulation of MAL aluminium company rubbish. The spilling reached two meters high and started a destructive race trying to release its energy, flooding Devecser and Kolontár villages. Ten casualties were counted and the material damages were impossible to measure, including the destruction or irreparable deterioration of a big amount of houses, the disappearing of infrastructures and the poisoning of dozens of fields. The accident was fastly considered the biggest [environmental] catastrophe of Hungarian history.”

These striking photos were taken by Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészaros 6 months after the  accident.  I happened to be in 45 km from the spill at the time visiting relatives in in Pápa. We willed it not to rain. Not to wash it into the Danube.

Unfortunately, it did.


One response to “The Line

  1. WOW! These photos are stunning…even though the reason the line is there at all is an unfortunate one. They remind me of Zander Olsen’s work (

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