DIY – Rolling Nordic Hills

Using the latest Onyx Feather lookbook (have you seen this beauty?) as inspiration, I tried to create the rolling nordic hills at our little dinner party.


I was ready to forage for moss and wood but where in DC?  and also, the last thing anyone wants at a dinner party is for a bug to crawl out of the centerpiece and into the food, right?  

Aside from gathering the materials, it was seriously as easy as it looks.  Put butcher paper over table.  Open bags of moss and spread on top of butcher paper (overlapping, to look like one continuous piece and to give it some “roll”) Place wood and candles on moss.  BUT, make sure the candles are not actually teetering on the moss but on the stable, flat table because we don’t want any fires.  Hot glue some candles onto the wood stumps.  And finally, cut butcher paper to frame the moss spread.

It was easy-peasy and high impact.  A few more pictures for you to see what I did but really, you can do it up however you want! (Images via gingervitis & ornello)


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