Summer(ish) List

It is more than half way through summer but here it is in writing.  On the internets.  Now we’ve got to try and get it done.  FIN.

J’s list

  1. eat corn on the cob
  2. build a sandcastle
  3. hit up a crab boil
  4. float down a river
  5. eat fresh salads for a full week
  6. go to a drive-in
  7. hit up an amusement/water park!

Gingervitis’ List

  1. go to the beach
  2. buy something from an ice cream truck (firecracker or screwball)
  3. swim at a DC public pool
  4. see a Fort Reno show
  5. eat crabs like a good Marylander
  6. canoeing
  7. host a backyard bbq

dctypewriter’s List

  1. ride a bike
  2. korean fried chicken at mandu
  3. meridian hill park
  4. consistently volunteer with an organization
  5. rock climbing (indoor and outdoor)
  6. a visit to the Library of Congress
  7. go to a secret pop-up dinner

I just like that photo that’s all.


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