Hey Remember Me?

I’m baaaaack! Greetings from the west coast. Things that have happened since I last posted are: I moved to the Bay Area. Got an apartment in Oakland. Had a lot of emotional break downs. Started my new job. Sipped wine in Napa. And I finally got around to uploading some photos…(don’t worry, I don’t have a picture of my emotional break down)

IMG_1156Sutro Bath ruins.

IMG_1163A rare sunny day.

IMG_1173Ice cream in a crepe cone with Nutella?! The Japanese really do have it all figured out…

IMG_1181Front row at the Opera. Perks of the job.

IMG_1183Brunch at 900 Grayson.

IMG_1197I’m in love with palm trees.

IMG_1210The beautiful Bay Bridge.

IMG_1216As much as I miss DC I am thrilled to be in a city with a stunning skyline.

IMG_1224Taking in the Painted Ladies on my lunch break.

IMG_1243Okonomiyaki for breakfast at the Ferry Building.

IMG_1246Frolicking with dctypewriter in Napa!

IMG_1247My fellow East Coast transplants.

IMG_1250One of my FIRST students from China in 2005. Here we are striking the classic Asian pose.

IMG_1261A company holiday that put all others to SHAME.

Now that I am no longer homeless and am settling into some routines out here I promise to not be such a stranger to this blog. Its good to be back!




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