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Hey Remember Me?

I’m baaaaack! Greetings from the west coast. Things that have happened since I last posted are: I moved to the Bay Area. Got an apartment in Oakland. Had a lot of emotional break downs. Started my new job. Sipped wine in Napa. And I finally got around to uploading some photos…(don’t worry, I don’t have a picture of my emotional break down)

IMG_1156Sutro Bath ruins.

IMG_1163A rare sunny day.

IMG_1173Ice cream in a crepe cone with Nutella?! The Japanese really do have it all figured out…

IMG_1181Front row at the Opera. Perks of the job.

IMG_1183Brunch at 900 Grayson.

IMG_1197I’m in love with palm trees.

IMG_1210The beautiful Bay Bridge.

IMG_1216As much as I miss DC I am thrilled to be in a city with a stunning skyline.

IMG_1224Taking in the Painted Ladies on my lunch break.

IMG_1243Okonomiyaki for breakfast at the Ferry Building.

IMG_1246Frolicking with dctypewriter in Napa!

IMG_1247My fellow East Coast transplants.

IMG_1250One of my FIRST students from China in 2005. Here we are striking the classic Asian pose.

IMG_1261A company holiday that put all others to SHAME.

Now that I am no longer homeless and am settling into some routines out here I promise to not be such a stranger to this blog. Its good to be back!




or so I hear?

you may have noticed dctypewriter has been silent around these parts for a few weeks. well, I am going to go ahead and tell you that its because she has been getting settled in her new home- in SAN FRANCISCO! and in 12 hours i will be joining her on the west coast for good! i recently accepted a job in SF and through a series of very awesome events we will both be discovering this new city together.

it has been a crazy month prepping for the move and i am so excited to finally get there. growing up around DC, this place has some amazing memories for me and it will always be home. but its time for an adventure! it will be rough at first, but let’s hope the good out weighs the bad in the end.

J will still be holding it down on the east coast and making me crazy homesick. ūüôā



Poison Ivy

I just cannot seem to get away from oversized button down shirts. My bf likes to remind me it looks like I am wearing a giant sack. I don’t know if its that pajama like feel (especially when paired with leggings) or knowing that I eat a giant burger and hide that little food baby that really does it for me.

Everyone has their go to “uniform” of sorts. My fall look is oversized button down, leggings, ankle booties, and a scarf. Whats yours?

*I just fell in love with this Poison Ivy Dress by Cameo [via Need Supply]




Marc Johns

Marc’s illustrations are constantly floating around the internet (particularly Tumblr) and whenever I am feeling a little uninspired I like to just scroll through his blog. I love that he can take the most mundane and nonsensical things and twist them just enough to make me smile (or smirk as the case may be). It reminds me to take life a little less seriously. This is a big problem for me lately since I have a big life change coming up- which of course I will make you sweat out and detail in another post ūüôā

Apparently its extremely popular for people to get his work tattooed on themselves! I would love to have a Marc Johns illustration inked on me for life, I have no clue how I could ever decide which one.

Paradise Part 1


Hey remember that time I went to Puerto Rico and forgot to upload my pictures? Sorry about that. I have finally gotten my act together and here by present to you part 1 of an amazing vacation. This was my first time in the Caribbean and it did not disappoint. Look at that water! The weather cooperated despite the dreaded hurricane season and we came back refreshed and sun kissed.

We explored on our own for the most part, but we did book a guided tour through the El Yunque rain forest and it was definitely worth it. We even got to swim in a waterfall (of course with 50 of our closest friends?)


more to come!


The Imposter

We might as well just round out this day of videos with a movie trailer!¬†The Imposter is playing at DC’s E Street Cinema now and I am dying to see it. Though I wish it was a little more thriller, a little less documentary I hear its quite good. And it tells the true story at the center of one ofthe best New Yorker articles I have ever read.

Bill Wearing Socks

Illustrator Niege Borges¬†created a Murray paper doll with¬†a collection of outfits and accessories¬†from Murray’s leading roles.¬†¬†Each outfit is put on the paper Murray doll for the video, masterfully¬†edited byVinicius Perez.

I have been on a bit of a Wes Anderson kick lately (blame it on Moonrise Kingdom?) so this was a magnificent start to my morning.

Borges’ poster is available for purchase on¬†Society6. Obviously this will soon be hanging on my wall.

[via Chicagoist]


Cat Power: SUN

I’ve been listening to Cat Power‘s new album Sun all afternoon on NPR. I’m LOVING it. Really. Its turning this Monday around.



Chinese artist¬†Zhao Huasen¬†has taken the bike out of biking. His project aptly titled “Floating”¬†depicts cyclists going about their daily lives and he then digitally removed the bicycles from the images. Makes an ordinary activity interesting enough to stop and have a second look. Remains me of Rachel Huilin‘s “Flying Series” J talked about¬†here.

Olympic Dreams

Something I am well known for is my obsession with the Olympics. Both summer and winter. If anything I love the winter games a teensy bit more because I am able to watch ALL the sports. The summer games are so huge, its impossible to follow it all. And lets be honest- I am probably not going to spend a lot of time watching Shooting or Judo.

I love it so much, that during college when the winter games were in Salt Lake I nearly missed every class I had for two weeks. During Vancouver, it almost destroyed my relationship because I refused to go to any establishment without a television. Fortunately during Beijing I was unemployed, so I could stay up all night watching events live- Chinese time.

Doesn’t it just make you SO HAPPY?! There is a big Olympic shaped hole in my heart now that it has come to an end. Can’t wait until Sochi!