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Thumbs Up!

These made me laugh out loud!

brilliant!  all images  and so many more via ditology



Marc Johns

Marc’s illustrations are constantly floating around the internet (particularly Tumblr) and whenever I am feeling a little uninspired I like to just scroll through his blog. I love that he can take the most mundane and nonsensical things and twist them just enough to make me smile (or smirk as the case may be). It reminds me to take life a little less seriously. This is a big problem for me lately since I have a big life change coming up- which of course I will make you sweat out and detail in another post 🙂

Apparently its extremely popular for people to get his work tattooed on themselves! I would love to have a Marc Johns illustration inked on me for life, I have no clue how I could ever decide which one.

For the love of Pop Up books

Attended Ghostly International : Of Art and Artifice series this past weekend in NYC.  The event was inspiring – so full of passionate and creative individuals.  Saw some incredible art but left especially enamored with the Art of Matthew Shlian.   Seriously beautiful and you better bet I’m saving up my pennies to get my hands on one of his pieces.

photos and video via ghostly and you can purchase here

The Imposter

We might as well just round out this day of videos with a movie trailer! The Imposter is playing at DC’s E Street Cinema now and I am dying to see it. Though I wish it was a little more thriller, a little less documentary I hear its quite good. And it tells the true story at the center of one ofthe best New Yorker articles I have ever read.

Bill Wearing Socks

Illustrator Niege Borges created a Murray paper doll with a collection of outfits and accessories from Murray’s leading roles.  Each outfit is put on the paper Murray doll for the video, masterfully edited byVinicius Perez.

I have been on a bit of a Wes Anderson kick lately (blame it on Moonrise Kingdom?) so this was a magnificent start to my morning.

Borges’ poster is available for purchase on Society6. Obviously this will soon be hanging on my wall.

[via Chicagoist]


Cat Power: SUN

I’ve been listening to Cat Power‘s new album Sun all afternoon on NPR. I’m LOVING it. Really. Its turning this Monday around.



Chinese artist Zhao Huasen has taken the bike out of biking. His project aptly titled “Floating” depicts cyclists going about their daily lives and he then digitally removed the bicycles from the images. Makes an ordinary activity interesting enough to stop and have a second look. Remains me of Rachel Huilin‘s “Flying Series” J talked about here.

My Little Pony

Was anyone as obsessed with My Little Pony as I was?  Artist Mari Kasurinen offers a new take on the classic childhood toy and I am equally as obsessed.


[images via]

King of the pointy cone bra

I went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier From Sidewalk to Catwalk exhibit at de Young Museum in Golden Gate park; beforehand I  didn’t know much about JPG except that he was the designer behind those odd torso perfume bottles sold in cans and Madonna’s pointy cone bra.  It was one of those occasions where people who truly understand fashion (or pretend to) would say it was a deeply moving religious fashion experience. As someone who enjoys fashion but doesn’t buy into the whole “fashion is my religion and Channel is the high priest” movement I found the exhibit to be wildly entertaining. JPG is a creative genius—no question about this.  Each piece was mind-bloggling, took hundreds of hours to construct and completely original. You never wagged your finger and thought:  “Naughty, naughty, naughty! That piece is a little reminiscent of  one in Stella McCartney’s resort collection.” His inventiveness was the luminescence around what felt at times like a creatively dark exhibit (there were some Shades of Gray dominatrix type set ups—see below). After viewing pieces like the white tribal wedding gown, which only a betrothed goddess of a Mayan temple would wear (below), you can understand exactly why his pieces are adored and worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Madonna. On a more interesting note, some of the mannequins in the exhibit blinked, peered around, sang and were better at fluttering their eyelashes than I am.  Speaky! (Spectacular and freaky.) Lastly, let us talk about the lip smackingly delicious museum food at de Young Museum cafe. Who needs exhibits when you can make a beeline for the café and get slow roasted porchetta tartine, gruyere cheese, dijon, pear chutney, arugula and shaved fennel for $12 bucks?

Well behaved women seldom make history

We got to work this morning and found the giant Albert Einstein statue on Constitution Ave (near my office) had been yarn bombed overnight by Olek otherwise known as “Crocheted Olek.” She’s a Polish yarn bomber that stealthily covers large public sculptures (and people) with expertly knitted crochet suits; she has also exhibited all over the world. How does she do it? When does she do it? Who knows, but it is fabulous. Unfortunately the quote in the title of this post rings true because currently she seems to be in a spot of legal trouble with the Brits.