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Chicago – and more importantly, WHIRLYBALL

I love how every city sparkles this time of year.  Christmas lights are everywhere and I am loving it.  photo

Spent last weekend in Chicago for the dude’s 30th (!!!!) birthday and ate my weight in deep dish pizza (ugh.) and played the best game ever invented.


I’m hyping it up big but I doubt you can not love this game (?).  You ride around in bumper car with a crank to steer, trying to shoot a whiffle ball – using lacrosse heads, into basketball backboard goals.  What the what?  Here.

photo-2 photo-5 photo-4 photo-3

I did end up with some wicked bruises (boy bumper car bump > girl bumper car bump) but it was so worth it.  I will start this in DC.

(here are the specifics of the game if you’re  interested in that sort of thing  via wikipedia)


Giving Thanks!

Went to the Jersey shore last weekend to volunteer post Sandy.  I was seriously shocked to see how bad it still was – three weeks out.  It was heartbreaking .  Too many homes still didn’t have power and there were so many families that lost everything.  It was incredible though, to see the strength and support of the community as everyone came together to help out and rebuild.

The iconic shore without its boardwalk

There are lots of ways to still help out if you can’t volunteer and here are just a few!

-Donate directly to the different to the towns like the town of Belmar here or the American Red Cross

-Directly purchase items for those in need using their registry via amazon here

Oh Sandy!

Man friend and I were really behind the ball and hit up the grocery last night – at midnight.  

Not much left but we did find…  

So we stocked up!  Have you tried cannoli yet?  It’s my new favorite.  I spent the day taking full advantage of my sandycation by doing some serious online shopping and have discovered:

1.  Uniqlo now has an online store

2.  Zara HOME 

How did I miss these two launches?  Especially Uniqlo…

Anyways, hope everyone is staying safe during Sandy on the east coast!!!

Thumbs Up!

These made me laugh out loud!

brilliant!  all images  and so many more via ditology



After hearing her on BBC a few months back, became totally smitten with Lianne La Havas.  I had forgotten too much about her until she started popping up in NYFW photos.  Enchanted by the voice and mesmerized by her style.   

It girl.

[photo via her site]

How does this happen?

Oreo Cameo from the From Scratch series by artist Judith G. Klausner 

I just eat my oreos.

Well if this doesn’t make you smile…

I love that twin connection!  I always wished I had a twin…


Chinese artist Zhao Huasen has taken the bike out of biking. His project aptly titled “Floating” depicts cyclists going about their daily lives and he then digitally removed the bicycles from the images. Makes an ordinary activity interesting enough to stop and have a second look. Remains me of Rachel Huilin‘s “Flying Series” J talked about here.

Bad dog.

Tedy is usually the best dog ever but there was a day that he left several little “presents” for me in my bedroom.  It wasn’t so cool but luckily it hasn’t happened again.  But the experience got me thinking, how would I go about disciplining him and shaming him so he doesn’t do it again?    Well this could work….

Some of the pups look so embarrassed!  I don’t know if this would work best for Tedy but it sure is hilarious!

[photos via awesome tumblr dogshaming]

Celebrations continued…

We’ve had a quite a few things to celebrate this month with a few more big events coming up (stay tuned)!  But I wanted to share a photo of my mom and dad at their engagement party…

….because I got engaged last week!   I’ll be lucky to have half the marriage they have.  They still make each other laugh just like that every single day and it is incredible.  I’ve been bathing in love and well wishes all week on our surprise engagement and I couldn’t be more grateful to have an incredible family and group of friends – thank you!