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I wish

I actually gasped when I first stumbled on these amazing Mara Hoffman bridal dresses.  You know we love Mara Hoffman here at Boundary Line.

[I’ve tried on the All Seeing gown and it is amazing.  Seriously.]

Forget wedding dress.  I wanted to wear the dress

photos and dresses found on Bona Drag  [and be sure to check out their other incredible ceremonial collection collaborators]


Poison Ivy

I just cannot seem to get away from oversized button down shirts. My bf likes to remind me it looks like I am wearing a giant sack. I don’t know if its that pajama like feel (especially when paired with leggings) or knowing that I eat a giant burger and hide that little food baby that really does it for me.

Everyone has their go to “uniform” of sorts. My fall look is oversized button down, leggings, ankle booties, and a scarf. Whats yours?

*I just fell in love with this Poison Ivy Dress by Cameo [via Need Supply]





I love street style.  It can be such a great source of inspiration.  But recently, I’ve been finding women’s street style blogs to be a little “inorganic” with some women dressing more and more outlandishly just to be noticed and shot for a blog spot.  Eh.

So recently, I’ve found myself more interested in men’s street style posts.  And you know here at Boundary Line we love a well tailored man.  Was flipping through Tommy Ton’s most recent Street Style from NYC Fashion Week and it has definitely been influencing some of my recent wardrobe choices.

For your viewing pleasure, a few of my favorite pictures from this year’s NYFW.

I also happen to know guy #3,4 – what a stud!

[photos via Tommy Ton]

Blazing blazer

I was a gap baby growing – head to toe, but they dropped off my radar after adolescence.  But recently, they have been piquing my interest again and I’m not sure if it is because my tastes have gone more classic and traditional or if they have been stepping up their game.  I do know this though, I am loving their Ponte Academy Blazer 



By no means am I ready for fall, but this makes me a little more excited about it.

King of the pointy cone bra

I went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier From Sidewalk to Catwalk exhibit at de Young Museum in Golden Gate park; beforehand I  didn’t know much about JPG except that he was the designer behind those odd torso perfume bottles sold in cans and Madonna’s pointy cone bra.  It was one of those occasions where people who truly understand fashion (or pretend to) would say it was a deeply moving religious fashion experience. As someone who enjoys fashion but doesn’t buy into the whole “fashion is my religion and Channel is the high priest” movement I found the exhibit to be wildly entertaining. JPG is a creative genius—no question about this.  Each piece was mind-bloggling, took hundreds of hours to construct and completely original. You never wagged your finger and thought:  “Naughty, naughty, naughty! That piece is a little reminiscent of  one in Stella McCartney’s resort collection.” His inventiveness was the luminescence around what felt at times like a creatively dark exhibit (there were some Shades of Gray dominatrix type set ups—see below). After viewing pieces like the white tribal wedding gown, which only a betrothed goddess of a Mayan temple would wear (below), you can understand exactly why his pieces are adored and worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Madonna. On a more interesting note, some of the mannequins in the exhibit blinked, peered around, sang and were better at fluttering their eyelashes than I am.  Speaky! (Spectacular and freaky.) Lastly, let us talk about the lip smackingly delicious museum food at de Young Museum cafe. Who needs exhibits when you can make a beeline for the café and get slow roasted porchetta tartine, gruyere cheese, dijon, pear chutney, arugula and shaved fennel for $12 bucks?

The Mission District

Continuing a recap of my pit stop in San Francisco last week. I spent a lot of time in the Mission District—a gritty yet explosively artistic area of the city. I love the Mission District because it’s the sunniest part of the city and since it’s got Latin flair the scent of spicy and flavorful El Salvadoran, Cuban and Mexican food settles all over you like a fog the second you step off the BART.  The blocks are lined with life-changing (yea, I went there with life-changing) taquerías. (For $3.50 I got a super taco filled with juicy, grilled beef chunks, fresh avocado slices, onions, cheese and salsa that makes you want to samba.)  The Mission District also houses well-curated boutiques and quirky vintage shops—I’ve got a worn out credit card to prove it. I love the San Francisco emphasis on supporting local artists—it makes all your purchases so distinctive and unique.

1. A vintage lamp found in a thrift store on Valencia St. 2. A snapshot of Aldea boutique 3. On the way to Dolores Park 3. $800 (whattt!?) room spray from a boutique in Castro 4. Jonathan Alder matchstick holders 5. $3 Super taco! 6. Bearded papa cream puff 8. Lovely Ikat Dolce Vita shorts from the Bell Jar that I did not purchase because paying $170 for shorts is against my religion unless they come with Victoria Secret model legs.

Pass the champagne

Happy Friday – enjoy your weekend!

Yayoi Matsuri at her LV opening in NYC [nymag]

Cork it

Since dctypewriter did a post on clutches, I’ve been on the lookout for an awesome clutch.  Found it.  I’m in love with its versatility and simplicity.

The 100% organic cork cloth bags are made by Collecte.  Way out of my price range but a girl can dream.

Wild thang… you make my wallet sing

I’m a huge fan of Mara Hoffman swimwear; I’ve been searching for this elusive, discontinued tribal number for a while now. The designs are hot, but you might have to dig a little deeper into you wallet to purchase one of these than you usually do for swimwear. Currently I’m enraptured with the direction behind Mara Hoffman’s 2012 resort campaign. The model is stunning, the images are vibrant and the playful swimwear textiles evoke that tropical vacation feel we all strive for when we are really just going to Myrtle beach.  Check out the full campaign. via Mara Hoffman & CFDA


Grazie Tommy Ton!

Tommy Ton’s killing it with this street style slideshow from Florence. Who are these men? Where did they get the money for these bespoke suits? Someone give them visas so they  can visit DC and school our conservative pinstripe crowd. Via Tommy Ton for GQ