Poison Ivy

I just cannot seem to get away from oversized button down shirts. My bf likes to remind me it looks like I am wearing a giant sack. I don’t know if its that pajama like feel (especially when paired with leggings) or knowing that I eat a giant burger and hide that little food baby that really does it for me.

Everyone has their go to “uniform” of sorts. My fall look is oversized button down, leggings, ankle booties, and a scarf. Whats yours?

*I just fell in love with this Poison Ivy Dress by Cameo [via Need Supply]





Marc Johns

Marc’s illustrations are constantly floating around the internet (particularly Tumblr) and whenever I am feeling a little uninspired I like to just scroll through his blog. I love that he can take the most mundane and nonsensical things and twist them just enough to make me smile (or smirk as the case may be). It reminds me to take life a little less seriously. This is a big problem for me lately since I have a big life change coming up- which of course I will make you sweat out and detail in another post ūüôā

Apparently its extremely popular for people to get his work tattooed on themselves! I would love to have a Marc Johns illustration inked on me for life, I have no clue how I could ever decide which one.

The secret is out

Had the pleasure of being a guest at Rose’s Luxury pop-up dinner in DC. ¬†Thrown at a beautiful house in Eastern Market and curated by Chef Aaron Silverman and his team, it was my most favorite meal I’ve had in DC. ¬†I left stuffed, satisfied and with a handful of new friends.

You know, I probably should have written down what we were eating each course and what we were being served, but I didn’t. ¬†It was all incredible, so flavorful, seasonal and ridiculous creative. ¬†And there was fried chicken butter. ¬†Each course was paired with a spirit that matched its accompanying dish perfectly and all that is really left to say is that you should probably (as in definitely) get on that waiting list.

[photos courtesy of dctypewriters iphone]


After hearing her on BBC a few months back, became totally smitten with Lianne La Havas.  I had forgotten too much about her until she started popping up in NYFW photos.  Enchanted by the voice and mesmerized by her style.   

It girl.

[photo via her site]


I love street style. ¬†It can be such a great source of inspiration. ¬†But recently, I’ve been finding women’s street style blogs to be a little “inorganic” with some women dressing more and more outlandishly just¬†to be noticed and shot for a blog spot. ¬†Eh.

So recently, I’ve found myself more interested in men’s street style posts. ¬†And you know here at Boundary Line we love a well tailored man. ¬†Was flipping through Tommy Ton’s most recent Street Style¬†from NYC Fashion Week and it has definitely been influencing some of my recent wardrobe choices.

For your viewing pleasure, a few of my favorite pictures from this year’s NYFW.

I also happen to know guy #3,4 – what a stud!

[photos via Tommy Ton]

For the love of Pop Up books

Attended¬†Ghostly International : Of Art and Artifice¬†series this past weekend in NYC. ¬†The event was inspiring – so full of passionate and creative individuals. ¬†Saw some incredible art but left especially enamored with the Art of Matthew Shlian. ¬† Seriously beautiful and you better bet I’m saving up my pennies to get my hands on one of his pieces.

photos and video via ghostly and you can purchase here

How does this happen?

Oreo Cameo from the From Scratch series by artist Judith G. Klausner 

I just eat my oreos.

Paradise Part 1


Hey remember that time I went to Puerto Rico and forgot to upload my pictures? Sorry about that. I have finally gotten my act together and here by present to you part 1 of an amazing vacation. This was my first time in the Caribbean and it did not disappoint. Look at that water! The weather cooperated despite the dreaded hurricane season and we came back refreshed and sun kissed.

We explored on our own for the most part, but we did book a guided tour through the El Yunque rain forest and it was definitely worth it. We even got to swim in a waterfall (of course with 50 of our closest friends?)


more to come!


I get it.

Had a whirlwind visit to California this past holiday weekend for a few days full of friends, sun and so much fun.  The weekend ended with me begging Mr. J to promise me that we can move to the west coast at some point in our lives.  Yes, I liked it that much.

I had the pleasure of being part of one of the most beautiful weddings ever in Santa Barbara and will follow-up with that in a whole another post.  Before I flew out, I squeezed in one day with a good friend, Jenny, who just made the move out west.  Just like we all thought, she is already all over it.  In a good way.

I had my first In-N-Out experience, gobbled up donuts at 2am at TWO different donut shops (Magee’s was better) and watched some star caliber karaoke (is everyone in LA trying to make it as a singer/dancer/model/actress?!)

There is your Cali sneak-peak.

The Imposter

We might as well just round out this day of videos with a movie trailer!¬†The Imposter is playing at DC’s E Street Cinema now and I am dying to see it. Though I wish it was a little more thriller, a little less documentary I hear its quite good. And it tells the true story at the center of one ofthe best New Yorker articles I have ever read.