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Pizza Party!

I’m going to try my hardest to make dctype and gingervitis jealous!  But I forsee things going the other way….SF is amazing!  And can’t wait to see what you two get in to!

So this is my first try – pizza anyone?  This weekend was especially gorgeous in DC and the dude and I ventured out to catch some fall foliage (of course I left all my belongings in the car so I am without photos)  But on the way home, we stopped by Pupatella – which has been a long-standing favorite of ours.  They started out as a wee little food truck, expanded into a tiny restaurant and has now grown into a full-blown restaurant!  They have a solid menu with a great littering of seasonal specials.

the Dude always gets their deep fried calzone – takes 30mins once ordered and is HUGE and filled to the brim with ooey-gooey cheese.  Pupatella also has the montanara (fried Neapolitan pizza) which we’ve never tried.  We love Pupatella for their  pizza, their story and their people (they always wear those hip little fedora’s!)  So far, I think Pupatella is my favorite!


The Pizza Hunt continues…

Best pizza in DC – deux.  Man friend and I tried out Menomale last night in Brookland.  They serve up some mean neapolitan style pizza (which is a favorite of ours) and have been getting a bit of press lately so we decided to make the trek out there.  

Margherita and Lobster pie.  We really liked Menomale!  The beer selection is awesome, the sauce was the right sweet and the crust was the perfect salty and chewiness for me.  MF complained that his pie wasn’t charred enough, but that’s not how I like my pizza.  So we were a little split on the place, thus the “really liked” status.

Definitely worth checking out but a bit too far for us to become regulars, I think.  But for the record, on pizza alone, I liked Menomale more than 2Amy’s!  [what?!] It just wasn’t that much better making it my go-to for pizza pies!

The secret is out

Had the pleasure of being a guest at Rose’s Luxury pop-up dinner in DC.  Thrown at a beautiful house in Eastern Market and curated by Chef Aaron Silverman and his team, it was my most favorite meal I’ve had in DC.  I left stuffed, satisfied and with a handful of new friends.

You know, I probably should have written down what we were eating each course and what we were being served, but I didn’t.  It was all incredible, so flavorful, seasonal and ridiculous creative.  And there was fried chicken butter.  Each course was paired with a spirit that matched its accompanying dish perfectly and all that is really left to say is that you should probably (as in definitely) get on that waiting list.

[photos courtesy of dctypewriters iphone]

Best Pizza in DC?

2Amys was my go-to pizza joint for lots of years.  But I forgot about them once I started hitting up some other great neapolitan style pizza joints in the DC area.  Went back there for a goodbye dinner with a great friend and rediscovered my love for the place.  Is it my favorite pizza place?  I’m not sure yet, but it is definitely in the running.  It is a DC institution though, so if you haven’t been, you probably should.  You won’t regret it!

ay.  pardon my pizza smeared plate.  taking photos of my food is always an afterthought.

Pretzel Wonder

Who knew something so simple could be so good?  Took a walk with my new roommate, Tedy, and checked out The Pretzel Bakery in my ‘hood (Capitol Hill) before I left for Barbados.  I found myself craving them while I was in Barbados.  I know, it even surprised me!  They are simple little wonders done so right.

Meet Tedy – cutest Shorkie (Shih Tzu + Yorkie) you’ll ever meet.

It is just a little walk-up shop with a few benches to take a breather but there isn’t really seating, per se.  They do offer water and milkbones for the pups though!  The pretzels are about the size of a fist and I am in love with the caramel mustard.  They are kinda my new favorite and I’m probably there a little too often….